How to Stop Foreclosure and Keep Your Home

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how to stop foreclosure

Hire An Attorney To Represent You

Choose a foreclosure attorney to stop the wrongful foreclosure and, sue your Lender for losses that you sustained from your lender’s actions. If you think your lender broke the law when your lender foreclosed on your home, now, more than ever, time is of the essence. Suing your lender may be the only way to recoup the financial harm done by your lender. We deal only with licensed foreclosure lawyers, who have counsel in your jurisdiction, foreclosure attorneys experienced in the process and lender policies. You need an experienced attorney who understands the complexity of wrongful foreclosure cases.

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3 Steps to Keeping Your Home

1. Free Evaluation

Your First Step is a FREE evaluation with a foreclosure defense attorney. Just complete the quick and easy form!

2. Retain Forclosure Defence

You retain a foreclosure attorney in your area who has your best interest and can help you keep your home.

3. Keep Your Home

Your attorney fights to defend your home and works with you to stop the foreclosure so you can keep your home.

Obtain a Loan Modification

Many people have asked their lender for help and were denied. We work with lawyers who have been able to negotiate a resolution even when there was a previous denial. Lawyers, who are experienced in this area, with dedicated staff who understand what to expect from lenders, know how to better obtain the results you need today

Short Sale

Many lenders will stop the foreclosure if you first list your home with a professional real estate agent and sell your home to pay off the debt. From the lender’s perspective, this can save time and money. If you can’t afford your home, short sale saves the embarrassment of a public auction and eviction, and can even extend the time in the home, making the relocation process smoother..

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

The deed to your home can be signed over to the lender, giving the lender title to your home in exchange for forgiveness of the debt. Be sure to seek professional advice, as you may be taxed on the forgiven debt. This will not recoup losses from the wrongful foreclosure but can close out the debt.

File Bankruptcy

The last option available is filing for a bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure. A true chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure, either reorganizing or eliminating the debt. Bakruptcy to stop foreclosure should be the last option attempted after exhausting all other options!


Wrongful Foreclosure Attorneys Can:

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